Doc U Online

Find your way through the maze of different crowdfunding platforms, decide when and how to launch, what perks to make available, how to build a team, and what fundraising goal to set.
Using the expanding black media market as a template, we examine the different sides of the media divide and explores successful strategies employed by media producers.
Karin Stellwagen of the Brooks Institute moderates "Acquiring Sound - Production Essentials for Good Audio".
Director of the Sundance Music Program Peter Golub moderates "Scoring Your Film - Licensing and Composing".
Follow the funding life-cycle for AMERICAN WINTER, including the filmmakers' success with grant funding, crowd funding, and family foundations.
Filmmakers, editors, and graphics designers gather to discuss why utilizing graphics can be an important component in telling your story.
A case study of AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY illustrates the importance of archival footage in telling a full and compelling story.
Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock talks with KCRW's Matt Holzman about the evolution of his storytelling form.
A panel of leading documentary publicists share advice on how to get the attention of critics, bloggers, influencers and viewers.
Key players from Participant Media, KCET, and CNN Films fill you in on the future of non-fiction works on television.
IDA Board Member Kevin Iwashina leads a candid discussion on making the most of your film's festival run with big wigs from the North American festival circuit.
Karin Stellwagen of The Brooks Institute works with a panel of documentarians, jouralists and legal professionals to decipher the intricate balance between video journalism and documentary filmmaking.
IFP's Milton Tabbot leads a discussion on how docs serve as delegates in the global community at The Paley Center for Media in New York City.
Moderated by IDA Board Member Stephen Nemeth of Rhino Films, our panel of veteran non-fiction producers discuss what to expect when producing a doc and how a successful producer gets the entire production team to deliver their best.
Eddie Schmidt sits down with World of Wonder for a discussion on running a transatlantic production company, crossing genre boundaries, and managing the famous & infamous.
IDA Board Member Moises Velez speaks to a panel of content creators, programmers, & industry influencers about new programming outlets for Latino content & how to participate in the opportunities to be found.
We asked a seasoned filmmaker and USC lecturer Amanda Pope and a panel of filmmakers to attempt to answer the question: "What does it mean to document change?"
Dive into a discussion with doc filmmakers who have traveled the globe and film commissioners whose job it is to make filming in their countries as straightforward as possible.
What does the future hold for independent documentary films and public broadcasting? What can you do to impact the decisions and changes being made right now?
Senior Programmer at the Sundance Film Festival Caroline Libresco moderates a discussion with filmmakers Ondi Timoner & Marina Zenovich about the strong impact of visual imagery in documentary film.
Hear from industry experts on the best practices of accounting and business management, with a focus on the impact and things to know when filing your taxes.