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Winter 2017:
The New Distrubtion Landscape

In this ever-complicated media landscape, with disruptors everywhere, and the challenge of breaking through the noise an increasingly difficult proposition, we sought to bring some clarity and guidance to filmmakers whose films weren't being sold in an auction environment at a major film festival—which is to say, the majority of documentary films being made today.

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IDA-Supported Doc of the Week

Directed by
Linda Goldstein Knowlton

It's the last week of Women's History Month and now it's time to celebrate the feminist of the future. RADICAL BROWNIES follows the creation of a troop of 8 to 12-year-old girls of color – the Radical Monarchs – in Oakland, CA. A social justice- oriented alternative to the Girl Scouts, the Monarchs still earn badges – not for sewing or selling cookies but for units on Black Lives Matter, Radical Beauty, being an LGBTQ Ally, environmental justice and disability justice.


Pare Lorentz Documentary Fund

provides annual production grants totaling $195,000 to be used in the creation of documentary films that illuminate pressing issues in the United States.
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