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The 2010 IDA Documentary Awards Winter 2011

The IDA Documentary Awards take the long view, honoring individuals who have led exemplary careers in filmmaking, as well as filmmakers who show great promise at the beginning of their careers.

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  • 2010 IDA Documentary Award: Feature Documentary Nominees

    And the winner is...'Waste Land'!
  • 2010 IDA Documentary Awards: Short Documentary Nominees

    And the winner is...'Woman Rebel.'
  • 2010 IDA Documentary Awards: Continuing Series Nominees

    And the winner is...'30 for 30.'
  • 2010 IDA Documentary Awards: Limited Series Nominees

    And the winner is...'Have You Heard From...
  • 2010 IDA Documentary Awards: Winners

    IDA/ABCNews Videosource Award Bhutto Director/...
  • 'Nuremberg' Revisited

    Film on Nuremberg trials is restored 62 years...
  • Locating the Sweet Spot: What Will TV Channels Pay for Your Doc?

    You are about to pitch your concept or completed...
  • Television’s Multi-Million Dollar Secret: Claiming Retransmission Royalties for Documentaries

    Approximately $270 million is collected annually...
  • 2010 IDA Career Achievement Award--The Magic of Being There: Barbara Kopple and the Subject-Filmmaker Relationship

    On the first day of her shoot at the Harlan...
  • 2010 IDA Pioneer Award--Reality TV's Original Tag Team: Alan and Susan Raymond

    As reality programming proliferates and cop and...
  • 2010 Preservation and Scholarship Award--USC's Hidden Gem: Mark Jonathan Harris

    This year's Preservation & Scholarship Award...
  • 2010 Jacqueline Donnet Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Award--Cutting a Path of Understanding: Jeff Malmberg

    Jeff Malmberg, recipient of the 2010 Jacqueline...