October 10, 2016

U.S. Dept of Justice Responds to IDA Letter in Support of #RightToRecord

The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice has responded to the IDA's recent Statement in Support of #RightToRecord, which called for an investigation into a disturbing pattern of citizen journalists being targeted and arrested by law enforcement in response to their reporting.

The DOJ's response can be read in full here.

Ramsey Orta (who documented Eric Garner's death) began a 4 year prison sentence on October 3rd. He's currently at Rikers Island Correctional Facility, where he found rat poison in his food during a post-Garner filming stint in 2015. In light of that, he's decided to only eat pre-packed food from the commissary. Here's a link to his website where people can donate to his commissary fund. His wife is updating the website daily with reports detailing Ramsey's incarceration. 

Chris LeDay - who uploaded the video of Alton Sterling's death - was recently dismissed from his job. His attorney Tiffany Simmons said "He's been punished for being a good Samaritan by showing this video and showing America that we have to look in the mirror and we have to change some things."