Thanks to all who made Getting Real '16 a success!

There are so many people to thank, from participants and attendees to supporters and volunteers. Thank you to all who helped make the conference a smashing success! You can continue the conversation on Twitter via #docsgetreal and on The D-Word. Check out photo highlights on our Facebook and stay tuned for news and updates, including key outcomes and next steps.


Getting Real ’16: Focus on Art, Diversity, and Sustainability

From our many conversations with filmmakers and industry, we have identified the most important topics for this year’s conference:


Our shared passion for the art of documentary and a ceaseless desire to explore the form in new and unexpected ways



A commitment toward building a more diverse documentary community and the willingness to stir things up to make it happen



Building a path to greater career sustainability for filmmakers and those who support them


Keynote Speakers

Steve James

Ava DuVernay

Marcia Smith

Shola Lynch

Laura Poitras

James Risen

Raoul Peck

Grace Lee


What You’ll Find at Getting Real ‘16

Back by popular demand:

  • Keynotes – For 2016, all filmmakers. All inspiring.
  • Presentations – Innovative in design, as relevant as humanly possible, and always led by the best speakers from all corners of the documentary world.
  • Working Groups – Your participation in our issue-oriented small group gatherings make you a part of the solution for creating a stronger documentary ecosystem.
  • Here's What Really Happened Sessions – Our most popular programming strand from 2014 returns bigger and better than ever. Behind-the-scenes stories about what really happens during the production and distribution of a film.
  • Evening Events – Doc filmmakers know how to have fun. Yes, they do. And we like to facilitate that process as much as possible.
  • Food trucks – Loved them in 2014. Back in 2016.

New for 2016:

  • The Craft of Documentary – Intimate presentations and discussions that re-imagine the documentary from the inside-out and give you new insights into how filmmakers are re-shaping the art form.
  • Real Talks – One-on-One meetings with industry professionals, experienced filmmakers, and peers. Set up in advance for you.
  • International Focus – Sessions on international co-producing and creative partnerships; in-depth case studies; industry professionals and filmmakers from around the world.
  • Simon Says & Tabitha Talks – Forget TED, we’ve got Simon Kilmurry of IDA and Tabitha Jackson of Sundance Institute hosting the best in original short talks by filmmakers, industry dynamos, and leading lights from outside the doc world.
  • Workshops/Master Classes – Our workshops and master classes are specially designed to make your career more sustainable and your craft more transcendent.