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Thanks to all who made Getting Real '16 a success!

There are so many people to thank, from participants and attendees to supporters and volunteers. Thank you to all who helped make the conference a smashing success! You can continue the conversation on Twitter via #docsgetreal and on The D-Word. Check out photo highlights on our Facebook and stay tuned for news and updates, including key outcomes and next steps.


Getting Real ’16: Focus on Art, Diversity, and Sustainability

From our many conversations with filmmakers and industry, we have identified the most important topics for this year’s conference:


Our shared passion for the art of documentary and a ceaseless desire to explore the form in new and unexpected ways



A commitment toward building a more diverse documentary community and the willingness to stir things up to make it happen



Building a path to greater career sustainability for filmmakers and those who support them


Keynote Speakers

Steve James

Ava DuVernay

Shola Lynch

Marcia Smith

James Risen

Laura Poitras

Raoul Peck

Grace Lee