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Fall 2022

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The biennial Getting Real conference has been such a rich and rewarding well of ideas, issues and themes to draw from, as we continually rethink our editorial strategy—so that we are truly serving the documentary community with a robust palette of content from around the world. Getting Real has always spurred us to consider where we need to go deeper and further as a publication. With that, five of the articles we commissioned here complement the spirit of Getting Real, from different angles.

IDA-Supported Doc of the Week

A black man in a tracksuit plays the saxophone in front of an illustrated, pink skyline, as various martial arts figures are seen behind him
Directed by
Sean Fahey

This week’s Doc of the Week follows semi-retired Chicago postal worker Eugene Thomas as he reflects on his life, music, and martial arts practice. Oh, and that decade between the 80s and 90s when he was an international celebrity, starring in a dozen ninja movies filmed in Taiwan. Thomas is the Searching for Sugar Man of martial arts and For Kicks is a window into the history of black martial arts in movies.