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The Winter 2021 cover of the magazine features illustration by Sawsan Chalabi. 3 individuals are beaming lights at each other from where their faces would be. There are three birds and some clouds in the background.

Winter 2021

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The Winter 2021 issue takes up where Getting Real ‘20 left off, when, in the midst of a firestorm of a year, a global assembly of attendees addressed head-on the issues and themes that had been driving the community. 

IDA-Supported Doc of the Week

The 1992 Little League World Series Champion team from the Philippines pose in front of the baseball stadium in yellow jerseys and hats. Their coaches stand on either side of the players.
Directed by
Jonathan Juntado

April 1st was the opening of the new Major League Baseball Season. In this week’s Doc of the Week, we follow the former players of the Little League baseball team from Zamboanga City, Philippines who became embroiled in a cheating scandal after their historic win in the 1992 Little League World Series.