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Harder Than The Rock

Britain’s first reggae band, Cimarons, was formed by teenage Jamaican immigrants, in a London bus shelter in 1967.

Beyond the Bolex

In the early 1920’s inventor Jacques Bolsey aimed to disrupt the film industry with a motion picture camera for the masses: the iconic Bolex.

Little Tokyo Social Club

The Little Tokyo Social Club was where members of the Japanese Community met to have social dances, singing, current events and meeting halls to gather the newly established Japanese community in 1

Dear Sirs (formerly Wyoming WWII Film)

In November of 1944, Sgt Silvio J. Pedri of the 95th Infantry was sent on a mission to cross the Moselle river near Metz, France.

Don't Quit Champ!

Lennox Blackmoore is a former boxer with a professional record of 25 wins and 5 losses.

Can Wine Save The Planet

This Documentary project is going to show an ecosystem of Vintners in their small microcosms, working with nature to create better soil, which in turn creates more vibrant and energetic wines.

Let Us Read

'Let Us Read' explores various personal stories of living in a world full of misconceptions and systemic barriers toward dyslexia and other learning differences. However, thanks to decades of research, today, there is an effective teaching approach that empowers students with dyslexia and benefits all other students as well. This documentary pushes the conversation to the next step. How can we bring this solution to where the problem is and allow a fair education opportunity for everyone?

Ya Beirut

A cautionary tale for our times, YA BEIRUT is a first-hand account of the extraordinary efforts of ordinary Beirutis seeking to reclaim their future in a country plunged into economic despair.

Untitled Mistress Dispeller Project

Wang Zhenxi works as a “mistress dispeller” in China, hired to maintain the bounds of marriage — and break up affairs — by any means necessary. UNTITLED MISTRESS DISPELLER PROJECT follows Ms.


BY MY SIDE is an intimate portrait of three veterans suffering from the “invisible wound,” PTSD, the most prevalent and unhealed wound suffered by veterans.

My Old School: What Ever Happened to the Class of '74?

My Old School: What Ever Happened to the Class of '74?

How I Prepare For The LA Marathon

They are the happiest people on the planet. It is not about running the race; it’s about finishing the LA Marathon without injury.


Filmed over the course of seven years, PARASTOO is a coming-of-age story that follows a young Afghan girl named Farzana through the growing pains of young adulthood, the heartbreaking refugee reset

The Fisherman's Tale

"The Fisherman's Tale" is a feature-length documentary telling the story of the Great Lakes commercial fishery.


Y2K was the biggest technological crisis the world ever faced, yet widespread misconceptions persist as to its importance and whether it even existed.

Whose Land? O'odham Land!

Whose Land? O'odham Land!

At the Crossroads

At The Crossroads will explore the life of an aging gay blues musician in search of purpose and love.

Two Deserts

“There are two deserts” – these were the first words published in the Desert Magazine, a mid-century monthly covering the American Southwest.

Voices Over the Water

This is the story of the Scottish Highlanders and their clan chiefs torn apart by a rapidly changing world--feeling their trust betrayed, many Highlanders faced famine and poverty, or emigration to

Terrell Homes

Through testimony, song, protest and prayer, a Black and Brown matriarchy living in public housing in Newark's Ironbound neighborhood protects their community from displacement and their home from

AFM Documentary

Pursuing the best care for her son, a single mom relocates her three boys to a hotel room two thousand miles from home; a Texas family receives the same devastating diagnosis for their active 5-yea

Pack is Here

With the increased visibility of transgender people in the United States, we are seeing a backlash that results in efforts to block trans people from participation in some of the most basic parts o


After witnessing the brutal murder of his mother 30 years ago, Norman travels to Jamaica to piece together what happened and where he came from by confronting the murderer: his father.

For Kicks

Semi-retired Chicago postal worker Eugene Thomas reflects on his life, music, and martial arts practice. Oh, and that decade between the 80s and 90s when he was an international celebrity, starring in a dozen ninja movies filmed in Taiwan

Body of My Own

At a moment in time when women’s rights are under increasing threat globally, comes a new documentary that places an intimate, collaborative lens among four Hijra women, whose ancient community is

California Style: Edward H. Fickett

California Style: Edward H. Fickett will critically examine the life and work of master architect of Edward H. Fickett, one of America’s most prolific mid century architects.

Come Dance With Me

COME DANCE WITH ME is a feature documentary film about the life of JACQUES D’AMBOISE, legendary ballet dancer and founder of National Dance Institute, and how he impacted millions of children’s liv

Shelter in the Palace

At 12 years of age, Destiny is navigating 7th grade, enduring homelessness and along with Moms4Housing, igniting a movement for housing as a human right.

Martins Beach

When a popular beach spot is closed to the public by a Silicon Valley billionaire, one family vows to fight back to protect their cherished generational connection to the coast.

Marching in the Dark

In a drought-struck region in India, suffering from climate change and a high suicide rate amongst farmers, a group of resilient women farmers, who recently lost their husbands, is coming together

BAD FAITH: Christian Nationalism's War on Democracy

On January 6, 2021, invocations to Jesus rang out across the Capitol Mall in Washington D.C. as a violent confusion of forces attempted to overthrow the American government.

HERsay Podcast - Season 3

The HERsay Podcast elevates the voices of women.

Our Chinatown

DEAR CORKY: a fifteen minute short (tentative title)

The Heart is a Mirror

El Korazon es Espejo (The Heart is a Mirror) is a significant creative endeavor of transcendent lyricism regarding Ladino folklore through the powerful means of preserving an endangered ethnic iden

The Race To Save the World

The Race to Save the World is a feature documentary film that follows the inspiring stories of everyday people who are devoting their lives to fighting climate change.