Wed. June 9, 2021 @ 17:00 PT

Awards Spotlight: Amend: The Fight for America

Will Smith, an African American male actor, is wearing a black blazer over a blue shirt, standing in front of a projected screen with Article XIII

About the Event

Amend: The Fight for America explores the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution - which, in 1868, promised liberty and equal protection for all persons. Amend features a number of luminaries (Mahershala Ali, Samuel L. Jackson, Pedro Pascal, Yara Shahidi, and more) breathing life into writings by the Fourteenth Amendment’s most ardent advocates and foes (including Frederick Douglass, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Andrew Johnson) with insights from an array of contemporary thought leaders. 

Join us for a digital conversation with the creators to behind the scenes of the year's key programs. Participants to be announced.