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I first saw Heddy Honigmann's film Crazy at a retrospective of her work at New York's Museum of Modern Art. I went into the screening expecting a war
In the past year, as I've gone around the world promoting my documentary film Imelda , I've often been asked by press and audiences alike what my
One year into making my first documentary, Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon , I lost everything. Not in the literal sense; I still had a roof
I first saw Ricky Leacock and Joyce Chopra's Happy Mother's Day in 1964 as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. It showed me the direction
In the fall of 1971, my friends and I gathered in our college dorm to listen to the radio as our draft lottery numbers were drawn. Since the Vietnam
In 1980, I had pimples and braces. The teachers at Kellogg Middle School in Seattle occasionally said something interesting, but mostly the classroom
When I first saw documentaries, I made two exciting discoveries: Men and women were making movies about the people I was curious about, but with whom
"This is it! This is it!!! This Is It!!!!!!!!" Those three words resonate with me. Let me tell you why. When I was in eighth grade, my friend Dave and
From Jerome Hill's Film Portrait It's the 1960s and I'm sitting in Professor Haig Manoogian's advanced film production class at NYU. We're awaiting
It took Susan Lacy over a decade of dogged pursuit, but on September 26 and 27, she will finally realize her dream when PBS airs No Direction Home