Pare Lorentz Documentary Fund Grantee

Those That Breathe

Kitra Cahana, Ed Ou
Becky Korman
Grant Year(s):

With unprecedented access to the remote community of Arviat, THOSE THAT BREATHE explores the complex relationship between present day social and environmental issues in the Arctic. Employing the striking visual language of gritty photojournalism, the film documents Inuit existence with total transparency. Many of the problems they face - poverty, addiction, suicide- are consequences of 300 years of oppressive Canadian colonial rule. Inuit were systematically stripped of their language, traditions, and rituals. They have fought hard to reclaim their way of life only to now face new threats from climate change.  Inuit identity is deeply tied to the land; it is their moral compass and spiritual guide, where they seek sustenance and healing. Rising sea temperatures, melting Arctic ice, and the depletion of animal populations is nothing short of devastating. Told through the shifting personal narratives of an intergenerational cast, THOSE THAT BREATHE explores the profound resilience of a thousand-year-old culture.