Docs about Women

Stephanie Wang-Breal’s Blowin’ Up—the term that sex workers use for leaving one’s pimp—is a surprising slice of cinema vérité, an artistic and
In October 2011, the documentary series Women, War & Peace premiered on PBS. It consisted of five hour-long docs, including Pray the Devil Back to
If you are an urban Indian woman, chances are that you’ve been asked at some point to desist from touching or staining or entering spaces while on
If we listed Betsy West and Julie Cohen’s numerous accolades, films, documentary news programs and teaching credentials—namely all the reasons they
In Motherland, award-winning Filipina-American filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz takes us into the heart of the planet's busiest maternity hospital, in one of
Nanfu Wang feels safe in New York. Surveillance, that essential preoccupation of the documentarian in America, is a chokehold from which she has been
Editor's note: Over the next few weeks, we at IDA will be introducing our community to the films that have been honored by the Academy of Motion
She is young, pretty, petite. She faces a hostile group of men who claim the Koran decrees that women should cover their faces, and dares to tell them
After watching the news about a Springfield, Missouri abortion clinic that was about to close last week because it finally lost a long legal battle
Last December, A Walk to Beautiful won the IDA Award for Best Feature Documentary. Directed by Mary Olive Smith and co-directed by Amy Bucher, Walk