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Doc U: Trailer Mechanics with Fernanda Rossi

By KJ Relth

When people ask to see your trailer, what is you usual reaction? Do you jump at the chance with confidence? Or do you stammer and hesitate as you explain why it's not quite where it should be?

Your trailer should be the ultimate pitch, the one thing that sells potential funders on the potential of your project. A fundraising trailer can make or break your film. We want you to stop guessing what works and what doesn't.

IDA has asked internationally renowned author, speaker and story consultant Fernanda Rossi to host a full-day workshop for producers, directors, writers and editors to help make your trailer all that it can be. In this workshop, held on the 3rd floor of The Annex in Santa Monica, you will learn the foundational story structures for fundraising trailers, and hear some of the most common mistakes filmmakers make when crafting their proposals, budgets, and trailers. This workshop will also give you a chance to see Fernanda's work applied to actual trailers, with before and after examples and a few of the successful fundraising trailers.

The event kicks off with registration at 9:30am on Saturday, April 21. Bring your work-in-progress for analysis and discussion!

For more details about Fernanda and the event, and to register, click here.

Story Consultant Fernanda Rossi will answer three questions on fundraising trailers from our members in anticipation of this upcoming Doc U event. Submit your question by posting a comment below. We'll let you know when Fernanda's answered your questions after the workshop. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out!