January 11, 2012

Doc U: Understanding Fair Use

Doc U

The Fair Use Doctrine allows for copyrighted materials to be used without permission or payment—under certain circumstances. But what are these circumstances? How is fair use determined? What is the impact the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and its recent exemptions on documentary filmmaking? And how does using copyrighted material under Fair Use impact documentary filmmakers?

We’ve put together a panel of experts in the field to help unravel these legal intricacies. On Monday, January 30th at The Cinefamily, join moderator Michael Donaldson, Partner, Donaldson & Callif, and author, speaker and acknowledged expert on Fair Use; Russell Hickey, Senior Claims Counsel, AXIS PRO Insurance, where he has drafted fair use endorsements, and navigated copyright infringement claims; and Mitchell Block, multi-award winning documentary producer and distributor for a discussion on fair use and how it affects your film.

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The evening's on-stage conversation will be followed by an audience Q&A, and a reception on the Cinefamily's backyard Spanish patio!

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