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HBO Screening Follows DocuWeek Party

By Tom White

For the second year in a row, HBO Documentary Films hosted a post-party screening at the ArcLight: Jon Alpert and Matthew O'Neill's Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery.

The third in a trilogy by the filmmakers about the ground-level stories coming out of war in Iraq, following Baghdad ER and Alive Day Memories (the post-party screening for DocuWeek 07), Section 60 takes viewers to the area of the Arlington National Cemetery reserved for fallen soldiers in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over the course of four months, from late summer through Christmas Day, we spend time with the family and friends of the departed as they grieve, reflect and live on with their losses. The filmmakers maintain a subliminal presence, eschewing both interviews and music, letting the quiet power of the cemetery and the dignified strength of the mourners carry the film.

Thanks to HBO, and Alpert and O'Neill, for sharing this somber and inspiring gem.

Left to right: Jacqueline Glover, supervising producer, HBO Documentary Films; Jon Alpert and Matthew O'Neill, directors, Section 60, Arlington National Cemetery; Eddie Schmidt, interim executive director, IDA; diane estelle Vicari, board president, IDA. Photo: Kayte Deoima.