June 30, 2009

Iranian Filmmakers Make Plea for Truth

Iranian Documentary Filmmaker Association (IRDFA) has issued a video statement reacting to the current situation in Iran following the June 12 Presidential election which has led to controversy and violence throughout the country.

The entire statement, signed by over 100 filmmakers, is here both as a video clip and as a written text. Also, here is a link to a post which also includes an appeal released by IRDFA in connection with the detention of two the organization's members.

Now the full text:

In the Name of God

We are documentary filmmakers. Our work is to discover and tell the truth. Truth can only be found when all aspects of reality are told. In the course of recent events in our country, our national media, by deliberately hiding the realities, is making it impossible for the public to access the truth.

We are documentary filmmakers. Our work is through media. The National Iranian Television belongs to the entire Iranian society and should be committed to represent social events truthfully and different points of view in their diversity. It should not be the mouthpiece of a specific faction and ignore a vast part of society.

We are documentary filmmakers. Our work is art and we are committed to the culture, art, and language of our country. The language of journalism should respect the dignity and honor of a society. The National Iranian Television, by distorting and suppressing the news and with the use of degrading rhetoric, makes lying and slander acceptable. It also addresses people with degrading and abusive vocabulary and thus provokes the people into confrontation and uproar.

We warn: Under the present tense circumstances depriving the society of a peaceful and respectful discourse can result in violent reactions; a society whose people up to the Election Day were promoting their diverse views peacefully and respectfully.

We warn: This kind of action means sharing the responsibility for any kind of violence, terror, social disruption, and human tragedies. It divides and antagonizes a society that is able to create unity by justice.

In the last 30 years, each and every citizen of this country has shared happiness and sorrow. They have fought side by side, brought sacrifices and lost loved ones.

We are a people with a history of several thousand years. We all belong together and share this history and this country. Do not tear us apart.

For more information go to IRDFA site here