January 31, 2010

Krinsky at Sundance: 1/27 - 'Cane Toads: The Conquest'

Spent my last morning at Sundance clad in 3D glasses at the Eccles theater watching Mark Lewis's delightful Cane Toads: The Conquest. Nothin' like a toad hopping directly off the screen first thing in the a.m. to wake you up!

In his intro, Lewis was in good spirits. He riffed on the current popularity of 3D films, informing us that his film would now be known by its new title:  Ava-Toad. He also reminded audience members to return their Dolby glasses at the end of the movie, as there was no point in taking them home, "Because they don't make reality TV any better." 

Not sure why pics in 3D glasses are so much fun to take, but here are a few others who made the morning trek to the Eccles...

Executive producer Sandra Whipham (Enemies of the People)
checks out Hot Docs' programmer Sean Farnel in 3D

Thumbs up for Cane Toads! 
Sean Farnel (Hot Docs), Sandra Whipham (exec. prod., Enemies of the People), Tamara Krinsky (IDA's Documentary Magazine), Ingrid Kopp (Shooting People) and Natalie Difford (producer, Chicken and Egg Pictures)