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SnagFilms Presents 'Snag The Vote: Elections '08 Film Festival'

By Tom White

With three weeks to go before perhaps the most consequential election in recent history, SnagFilms, the Web-based distribution site for nonfiction films, will be streaming more than 60 election-themed films so that voters might become better informed on issues before November 4. "Snag The Vote: Elections ‘08 Film Festival" will feature the world premiere of Inside the Bubble, Steve Rosenbaum's insiders' view of the 2004 Kerry campaign, and a suite of other films that have never previously been distributed online. SnagFilms promotes both free streaming and viral web distribution through virtual movie theater widgets, and engages viewers to assist in charitable and community efforts. "Snag the Vote" is particularly designed to let voters embed films on their blogs or social network pages, to share them with friends, and to advance the electoral debate in a way that is both fun and deeper than bumper stickers and sound bites.

Beginning October 21, SnagFilms will also offer the national premiere of The End of America (Dirs.: Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern), which examines threats to our civil liberties and is framed by Naomi Wolfe's best-selling book of the same name. Other featured films include Wayne Kopping's The Third Jihad, which takes a close look at Islamic extremism. SnagFilms intends to release other premiere and special-release films over the course of its festival.

SnagFilms has redesigned its homepage to make its extensive library especially accessible to viewers interested in entertaining and in-depth films that illuminate key election issues. The more than 60 election-relevant movies, culled from SnagFilms' library of 450 nonfiction films available for instantaneous free streaming, will be organized under such issue headings as the Economy; National Security/Iraq War; Energy; Health Care; Education; Environment; Electoral Process; Government Ethics and Partisanship; Immigration; and Individual Rights.

"So much of the discourse in American elections is reduced to 30-second ads and sound bites," said SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen. "We offer long-form, substantive, issues-based documentaries which viewers can view immediately, on-demand and for free. In addition to our deep library of issues-focused films, for these last three weeks of the election, we've secured an amazing line-up of documentaries that will appeal to voters across the political spectrum."