January 28, 2010

Video DOC SHOT: Alex Gibney at Sundance 2010

Another experiment with video Doc Shots from Sundance 2010! Shot this one on a li'l mini-DV cam. Many thanks to Alex Gibney, who was willing to brave the cold so we could escape the verrry loud background music playing at Starbucks, the location of our interview (though I guess if you're brave enough to take on the task of breaking down the story of Jack Abramoff, a little chill in the air isn't going to put you off).

We're shooting outside, close to the Yarrow and Holiday Village theaters. Between Alex's frozen breath and the sounds of Park City in the background, now you've got a sense of what it was like up there this past week. Enjoy this glimpse into the life and work of Alex Gibney, including tennis, Lady GaGa and a twisty tale of greed and corruption. And for more on the film, read my colleague Tom White's reaction to the screening.


Alex Gibney 

Director, Casino Jack and the United States of Money