January 26, 2010

Video DOC SHOT: Jennifer Arnold--'A Small Act'

Editor's Note: A Small Act airs July 12 on HBO. Here's Tamara Krinsky's video interview with director/writer Jennifer Arnold, when the film premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

This year at Sundance, I decided to experiment with some video Doc Shots. As you know, the Doc Shot is a regular feature on the site wherein we get a li'l insight into the work and lives of those creating and supporting documentary film. Seemed like a natural development to try a few video Doc Shots at Sundance this year, as so many fantastic filmmakers are in attendance.

This one's our first, and I shot it on my iPhone. Please forgive the slightly shaky cam...I promise, it gets better as it goes! I'll be trying different ways of shooting these throughout the week, so expect to see some changes as we play around with them. 

Jennifer Arnold
Director, A Small Act