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The Webby Awards' Creative Call for Entries

By IDA Editorial Staff

Most call for entries is pretty much the same: fill out your form, pay your fee and hope some judge somewhere actually looks at your submission.

Ok, you still have to do all of that if you want to enter the 13th Annual Webby Awards. But the folks who honor the best of the best in websites, interactive advertising, online film & video, and mobile web (that's the International Academy of the Digital Arts and Sciences, FYI) are actually calling on some of the Internet's most creative folks to promote the call for entries. Smart, huh?

Included in the fun already are comedic pals Jake and Amir, Jerry and Orrin Zucker of the oddly wonderful It's Jerry Time site and Tony and Paul from stop-motion loving creative team Free Poster Films.

Check out some promos below and peek at for more. Oh, and you only have until Dec. 19 to get your own entry in for a Webby. Get on it here