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Why You Shouldn't Miss our Upcoming Doc U on Digital Distribution

By Ken Jacobson

Digital distribution is everywhere, but what's really happening and who are the voices you should be paying attention to?

The definitive panel on digital distribution that will deliver answers in crystal clear high definition:

Peter Broderick Chris Horton Jen Chaiken Erick Opeka Melanie Miller

1) Peter Broderick, President of Paradigm Consulting, knows the ins-and-outs of distribution strategies and techniques like nobody's business... and as our moderator, will ensure that all the bases are covered.

2) Chris Horton, Director of Sundance #ArtistServices, is leading the charge within Sundance on digital distribution. He consults with Sundance filmmakers everyday, so you know he has a lot to tell us.

3) Jen Chaiken produced two award-winning films at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival (Inequality for All, Afternoon Delight) and negotiated distribution deals for both. Jen's experience and insight gives our panel exactly the strong filmmaker voice we need to get to the heart of the distribution questions that matter.

4) Erick Opeka, SVP of Digital Distribution for Cinedigm, has played an instrumental role in making the company into one of the largest aggregators of digital content worldwide. Why does this matter to you? Because he knows exactly what is happing industry-wide and where you fit into this rapidly changing landscape.

5) Melanie Miller, VP of Acquisitions and Marketing for Gravitas Ventures, is both a producer and an industry insider who will tell us not just how Gravitas has become a major player in the world of independent distribution but how changes in digital distribution are affecting everybody in the room—including you!

Join us Monday, May 19 for Doc U: Distributing Your Doc, Pt. 2 - Cable and Internet Movers and Shakers. Don't miss out on this pertinent discussion—register for this event today!