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  • Petra Seliškar, Director/Producer

Two women with short hair, and a dog, sit in front of a lake and mountains

About the Project

Urška recalls the day when she dived into the Lake Prespa, in the middle of the Macedonian mountains, fifteen years ago. Her four-year-old daughter, Zoja, and her close friend Petra, were waiting for her on the bank. She remembers swimming towards the island that stands in the middle of the lake, trying to break free from confused and dark

The day after, Urška was falling into a coma. She woke up in a Slovenian hospital, struggling to figure out who she was, and what had happened. She didn’t know it was only the beginning of a medical ordeal that would last a decade.

Fifteen years later, Urška and Petra go back to the Lake Prespa. Urška is gradually putting her life puzzle together as the two friends rewind the film of the events, replaying the tumultuous journey of Urška's relationship with her self.
They go back to Urška’s diary, where she recorded her organic journey, from the desire to get rid of one’s own body, to the mysterious learning of self-reconciliation.