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Follow the journey of a father, educator and adventurer as he marks his seventh year since being diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease by

Alegria is a coming-of-age story about my dad, Michael Lopez-Alegria, an astronaut leading the first all-commercial mission to the International Space

Research shows that doctors are more likely to dismiss or trivialize the pain complaints of black women. Studies have also found that Black women are

At a moment in time when women’s rights are under increasing threat globally, comes a new documentary that places an intimate, collaborative lens

Boxed Out of the NBA is the story of the Eastern Professional Basketball League, the second-best pro basketball league in the country during the 1950s

‘LET US READ’ explores various personal stories of living in a world full of misconceptions and systemic barriers toward dyslexia and other learning

DeAngelo Washington thought baseball was his ticket out of poverty, but after a major injury he discovers an unlikely sport - mountain biking. Facing

At the center of the story is the amazing and endlessly curious Ruth Reichl-- former NY Times food critic, groundbreaking editor of Gourmet, best
Pursuing the best care for her son, a single mom relocates her three boys to a hotel room two thousand miles from home; a Texas family receives the