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Healing Trauma: The Resilient Soul is a documentary that follows the lives of four diverse individuals who are all survivors of trauma. The film

After decades of upholding a deeply-rooted family tradition, a Bengali-American woman mines the generational trauma hidden behind her religious practices.

Ana and Pedro, an indigenous Chuj-Maya aunt and uncle from the highlands of Guatemala, cross Mexico to free their niece, Juanita, who has been

This is a coming-of-age story that shines light on the power of dreams where a young black man realizes his full potential in the crux of unchartered territory in 21st century America.

A feature documentary about the life and music of Michael Hedges. The eldest son of Midwestern musicians/educators, Michael Hedges was a young musical prodigy – with an emerging talent that would take him from small-town Oklahoma to Grammy award-winning artist. He was a once-in-a-generation force that would revolutionize the acoustic guitar and inspire a generation of musicians.

Wood Street is the last stop for unhoused brothers, John and LaMonté. They moved here eight years ago after police pushed them from other encampments around Oakland. After a two-alarm fire in July, their tight-knit community faces eviction. It’s their goal to stop it.

Why would someone at the pinnacle of their career – with a prestigious title at a prestigious organization, with prospects for advancement and a

"Shakespeare Unveiled" is a groundbreaking documentary revealing a shocking twist in the Shakespearean saga, unearthing hidden narratives and