Cassandro, Queen of the Ring

  • T. Hunter McCann, Director
  • Richard Ray Perez, Producer
  • Javier Robles, Producer

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About the Project

“Cassandro, Queen of the Ring” is the true and remarkable story of Saul, a broken boy victim of abuse who found purpose and meaning in the most unlikely of places: the brutal and unforgiving world of Mexican wrestling. Now 30 years later and after having conquered the world, the first openly gay champion in the history of Lucha Libre must confront the reality of having to say good bye to the life that saved him or risk additional damage to his body that can leave him paralyzed, or worse.

Born in El Paso, Texas, and raised on both sides of the US-Mexico border, he was bullied, beaten and sexually abused by the world around him as a child. Lost and broken, he tried to find solace and comfort in prostitution and drugs. By all accounts, the story of Saul should have been just like countless others, a tale of heartbreak, rejection, failure and ultimately death.

But some spirits are forces to be reckoned with…