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  • River Finlay, Director
  • Cig Harvey, Producer

bouquet of flowers floating in still water

About the Project

When photographer and writer Cig Harvey found out her best friend Mary was diagnosed with terminal leukemia, she did what she knew best: made photographs. As Mary faced isolation and debilitating treatment, Cig set out to bring the world to Mary. Over the coming years, Cig captured and sent Mary images of beauty, life and color. Images that evoked the sensual, the sacred, the delicate and the brave. Images exploding with color, piercing with light, evoking the pain and beauty of life, even as we face death.

As we reckon with mass trauma and loss across our country and the world, and continue to face so many - at times terrifying - unknowns, Eat Flowers shows us the way. Through images of beauty, and love letters to the world and the ones we love, Cig and Mary find a way through an unspeakable tragedy and loss. One image and message at a time.

Eat Flowers is a call to LIVE.