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Eyes of Eden

Edward Watts
John Stanley, James Barber, Patrick Cirillo, Mark Litke

In a region scarred by conflict, with a people stained by distrust, a simple act of kindness may be the most difficult act of all to conclude.  “The Eyes of Eden” is the documentary tale of an effort to restore hope to a seemingly hopeless circumstance, one child, one family, one village, at a time.

Our cameras will examine the daunting efforts of the members of a charitable organization as they seek to identify a suitable child for life changing rehabilitation such as cosmetic or prosthetic surgery.  Once the ideal candidate has been selected, based not only on medical criteria, but also on the political realities in the Middle East, we will follow the procedural efforts to cut through the red tape and bring the child and family to the US, or other western nation, where the surgery and rehabilitation will begin.

The documentary will include a brief history of the area that is specific to the child, the triage required in the selection of the child, the logistical planning to make the surgery a reality as well as the medical planning of the doctors, nurses and prosthetics makers. In the process, we will paint a unique picture of the culture of the immediate region (likely Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria), as well as examine the family’s perception of a western culture they may not even know from movies.

We will follow up the surgery with return visits and reports on the child’s adjustment to his new limb and new life, including all positive and negative results from this act of kindness.

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