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Hope Fiends

Sari Gagnon
Matt Heron-Duranti

Hope Fiends conveys the story of an underground sober house in one of the top college party towns in America. This film, takes a step into this unique house as they, for the first time, expose the truth behind this falsely apparent frat house.You will see firsthand that this house is not a fraternity, it's not a crack house, its a sober house. It's guests have been working for, and alongside, the citizens of this small affluent town for a long time. But no one knows it. We shed light on the hardships endured by addicts in the face of recovery and their efforts of maintaining sobriety, surrounded by people who don't accept them.Join us in a true underdog story as we take an in-depth look into this unwanted house located in a party town where the only people who talk of sobriety are the cops, who are known for latching cuffs behind the backs of college students night after night.Solutions like this unique house can be the difference between a person's life and death. This remarkable story needs to be told so organizations like this one can overcome adversity, in the most irregular places.