How's My Driving?

  • Marie Turner, Director/Producer
  • Jim Sanderson, Producer

About the Project

In America aggressive driving has reached epidemic proportions. But when aggressive driving turns to road rage, it’s deadly. Traffic confrontations are ending in murder. Everyday people are being punched, stabbed, shot, rammed and driven off roads in driving disputes.

"How’s My Driving?" follow's the Arif family's story illustrating how lives are destroyed when emotions behind the wheel turn to angry retaliation between drivers. Amir Arif and his wife, Seyda lives are changed forever when two men engage in a road rage dual on a residential street. One of the men slams on his brakes and causes the other man to crash into Seyda and her children. Her 5 year old son is killed. She loses her left leg and her 4 month old daughter has severe head injuries. Neither man intended to kill anyone. Should they be found guilty of murder?

"How's My Driving?" is a film that examines the attitudes and behaviors of a cross-section of Americans. From New York, to Texas and then to Los Angels we get into cars with drivers to find out what they think and how they feel about driving.