Sponsored Project

The Human Touch - Andy Goldsworthy

Thomas Riedelsheimer
Leslie Hills, Stefan Tolz

The Human Touch, a feature documentary film with Andy Goldsworthy directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer, brings together the team that made the commercially and artistically successful, Rivers and Tides (2001)We will work with three different kinds of location: private commissions, public commissions and unscheduled daily work in Scotland. Three groups of work will be addressed: the ephemeral , such as rain or frost shadows, the permanent such as the stone arches in Digne, Provence and the recently-developed permanently ephemeral - works that come and go like the circle image in the Santa Fe well, uncontrollably morphing under weather. We intend working in locations as disparate as The Presidio in San Francisco and Alderney. Together these two artists, Riedelsheimer and Goldsworthy, bring to the project great creative potential.There will be 55 days shooting over 9 shooting periods. The film will follow Goldsworthy's work and will therefore be completed late in 2016.