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Huxley on Huxley

Maryann Braubach
Maryann Braubach

Laura Archera was a teenage violin virtuoso who turned renowned psychotherapist. With the publication of BRAVE NEW WORLD in 1933, Aldous Huxley had become an undisputed literary giant of the 20th century. When Laura and Aldous married in 1956, their home in the Hollywood Hills became a hotspot for the west coast artistic and intellectual avant-garde. The Huxleys played host to scientists, writers and such luminaries as Orson Welles, Igor Stravinsky, George Cukor and Christopher Isherwood; and at the vanguard of psychedelic experimentation stood in conflict with the libertine Timothy Leary. As seekers of expanded states of human consciousness, their lives and work provided shaping vision through two generations of American cultural history. Huxley on Huxley is an intimate portrait of a compelling personal and professional union.