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The Lost Sea Expedition

Bernie Harberts
Bernie Harberts, Julia Carpenter
a man leans over to his horse, both silhouetted in the fading sunset.

“Outstanding!  Very entertaining… perfect for PBS” / Bob Swerer / “Alone in the Wilderness”

Could you spend 394 days traveling from Canada to Mexico in a 21-square foot, solar powered, one mule wagon? Hi. I’m film maker Bernie Harberts. I took that voyage across America and now it’s the 4-part "Lost Sea Expedition" series set to debut on Rocky Mountain PBS. The series explores the questions like: -why should we care about the Great Plains? -should a man in a wagon move a rattlesnake with a buggy whip? -why are shark fossils found in Kansas? -why do Scientists, Lakota Elders and Creationists have entirely different -and often clashing – views of the ancient sea that once covered the Great Plains? -how will the Ogallala Aquifer survive if it is pumped faster than it replenishes? -can a message in a tumbleweed stave off prairie fever?

Why should you care about this? Because the rural landscapes of America need our understanding and attention. Because what happens on the Great Plains is a harbinger of what happens to this nation. Most cool of all, here’s your chance to travel across America with me in my wagon. Climb aboard! Bernie Harberts. More at LostSeaExpedition.com