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Lumpkin, GA

Nicholas Manting Brewer
Emily Grandcolas
The city of Lumpkin Water Tower looms over the empty Old Town streets

Lumpkin, GA is a poetic, multifaceted examination of the moral dilemmas of immigration and poverty in America. The film explores the experience of one small town in rural Georgia, next-door to one of the largest immigration detention centers in the country, Stewart Detention center. Through interviews with town residents, local officials, an immigration lawyer in town, families of detainees, a portrait of the physical and economic isolation our country’s immigration policy begins to emerge. The tension of this film lies in reconciling the interconnected ideas of freedom and detention, hope and fear, and wealth and poverty as it toils with moral ambiguity of the privatized prison system. It addresses our ability to put up our blinders and ignore what’s plainly and irrevocably in front of us.