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My Father: Keep the Music Playing

  • Emerson Able III, Director/Producer
  • Dr. Antoinne Able, Producer
  • LaTanya Able, Producer

About the Project

Manassas High School in Memphis, Tennessee is the setting for this film which explores how Emerson Able, Jr., a music educator, changed the lives of so many of his students. Although he used unconventional methods while teaching his music classes he was able to secure over 4000 scholarships for his students during a time of high unemployment, racial inequality, high crime and little hope for a positive future. Emerson gave hope, healing, and an unshakable confidence to children that were doomed before birth. Many saw him as the "Pied Piper" of Manassas. An overwhelming number of those students are now professional musicians, business owners and productive members of their communities. You will hear testimonies from prior students ranging from doctors, lawyers, and architects: thanks to music education in public school systems. You will laugh, cry and perhaps see an opportunity within yourself to provide uplift in your own community.