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Paul Henreid
Paul Henreid

OVERKILL is a documentary that analyzes why U.S. defense spending in a post-Cold War era has largely been "overkill" and threatens to bankrupt America.Through interviews with military experts and economists, OVERKILL will show how the U.S. can no longer sustain spending $250 million a day in Afghanistan, $150 million on a single F-22 aircraft that is under-utilized in modern warfare, and $1 million on each Tomahawk missile in foreign conflicts. OVERKILL will examine the historical demise of imperialistic nations and emphasize quotes from past leaders that foreshadowed the current crisis. OVERKILL will use graphical animations to demonstrate how U.S. defense expenditures have been seven times more than any other country (overkill) since the end of the Cold War.Dan Rather's groundbreaking series The Future of the U.S. Military investigates whether the U.S. military is "heading down a self-defeating path." Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor says to follow the money trail. OVERKILL will do this in ways mainstream media will not. OVERKILL will show why big defense cuts are essential in this watershed moment to return America's prosperity by reclaiming some of the $14 trillion national debt and stabilizing the dollar.