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  • Elizabeth Lennard, Director
  • Peter Janecek, Producer
  • Plaesion Film + Vision e.U., Producer

Young woman in early 70's fashion sits on a picnic blanket next to an open suitcase with a notepad in her hand.

About the Project

Disconnected letters tell the effect of the Nazi’s annexation of Austria on some of the Viennese population: it’s the story of Rosa, my Viennese and Jewish grandmother, who left Vienna for New York with my teenaged father in 1939 and my own quest to unearth family secrets. A young woman of American Viennese background will lead this filmed investigation as well as read and perform some of my grandmother’s letters. Home movies and recordings interlace three generations of women- from 1938 thru my own coming of age 8mm movies I shot in 1960s & 70s psychedelic California.