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A Sexplanation

Alex Liu
Steven Flynn, Leonardo Neri

A Sexplanation is a documentary stripping away shame from sex education. From church pews to biology labs, join director (and hedonist) Alex Liu as he tries to uncover the naked truth about sex.

But more than providing any specific answers, the film is about giving people better frameworks to ask better questions. By speaking to educators, biologists, neurologists, sociologists, spiritual thinkers and more, A Sexplanation aims to provide the language and concepts necessary so we can have a more grounded, evidence-based conversation on what constitutes a healthy sexuality.

Through a world of intimate character-based stories, we’ll illuminate the science behind sex and build an evidence-based foundation on which to make informed sexual opinions and choices. We'll see how these pioneers fight through societal obstacles to their work to build a sexual culture that reflects who we actually are as human beings. Story by story, each section will lead to the next, piecing together a broader, deeper, stronger comprehension of sex.

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