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A Sexplanation

Alex Liu
Steven Flynn, Leonardo Neri

Since the Puritans first landed at Plymouth Rock, shame around sex has been as American as apple pie. But from Stonewall and sexual liberation to marriage equality and #MeToo, more and more Americans refuse to suffer in silence.

To make sense of this shifting cultural landscape, reporter Alex Liu seeks out the intrepid sex educators breaking the cycle of shame passed down from one generation to the next. These pioneers not only ensure we all understand facts from fiction, they also directly challenge the notion that comprehensive sex education somehow undermines “family values”.

Join Alex as he discovers how accurate information and honest conversations about sex only make families—and thus, societies—more connected, more authentic, and more resilient.

Subjects include:

Sue Carter, Kinsey Institute

Stephanie Smith, Kinsey Institute

Justin Garcia, Kinsey Institute

Bill Yarber, Kinsey Institute

Jackie Biskupski, Mayor of Salt Lake City

Derek Kitchen, Utah State Senator

Todd Weiler, Utah State Senator

Stephanie Larson, Founder and CEO of Encircle LGBTQ+ Family Resource Center

Annabel Sheinberg, Vice President for Learning and Partnerships, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah

Lisa Diamond, Professor of Developmental and Health Psychology, University of Utah

Barry Komisaruk, Associate Dean Grad School and Prof Psychology, Rutgers University

Donal Godfrey, Jesuit priest and Assistant Professor of Nursing, University of San Francisco

Kristen Gilbert, Education Director, Options for Sexual Health

Emily Nagoski, NYTimes bestseller, Come As You Are

Julie Metzger, Great Conversations

Rob Lehman, Great Conversations

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