Sponsored Project

The Sharp Edge of Peace

Roya Sadat
Leslie Thomas, Christy Denes, Ana Ramic

After decades of violence, the stakes at the Afghanistan peace talks are high for everyone. For women, they are immeasurable.

The Sharp Edge of Peace is a feature length documentary film that follows the only women on the Afghan government negotiating team as they navigate the hard road to peace and broker a shared political structure with the Taliban.

A population exhausted by decades of armed conflict might accept peace at any price, but women don't want to see an agreement which costs them their hard earned gains for equality.

Afghanistan’s wars have been global conflicts for decades, and the current negotiation is no different. The number of stakeholders is high, and each has its own objective. In a situation this complex, the only way to get to peace will be with everyone at the table.

Currently, in production, the film takes us on a journey with four extraordinary leaders - Fatima Gailani, Fawzia Koofi, Habiba Sarabi, and Sharifa Zurmati - as they and the rest of the Afghan government team sit down with the Taliban. Traveling from Kabul and London to Doha and beyond, we see the immense cost of the public work and the private effort that it takes for individuals to represent an entire country.