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The Stool

Carey McKelvey
Katherine Lancaster

May 21, 2013 was the worst day of my life.  My small intestine perforated due to a long undiagnosed case of Crohn’s Disease.  Over the next year I worked towards recovery through surgeries, medicines and a multitude of procedures but most of all, running.November 2014 my wife and I ran our first 10 miler and I wrote an article for the newspaper about my experience with Crohn’s.  When the article was published I was flooded with support from strangers.  One stranger Mary May reached out to me and offered her friendship and a chance to meet many other runners like myself.  She was the first person I met who understood what it was like to have this incurable auto-immune disease.

Through Mary I was able to meet many others who face similar challenges and The Stool documents the stories of those who have become more than a running group, they have become my family.