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In a Strange Land

Paco Beltrán and Jessica W. Leung
Jessica W. Leung and Paco Beltrán

In a Strange Land follows the story of Mu Hpare, a refugee from Burma and member of the Kayan tribe (a.k.a Long Neck Women), who has resettled in the U.S. She is a young, single mother who is determined to make a better life for her and her toddler son. This documentary tells us about her journey that started in Burma, to her life in the refugee camps in Thailand and how everything changes when she is offered to resettle to a third country through the UNHCR plan. With her decision to leave, she faces trouble with her family who oppose the fact that she is taking the only male descendent with her. She must deal with this and the dilemma of leaving behind her culture and her people who remain in the camps, many of whom continue the fight against the military regime.

In a Strange Land offers three narrative layers: Mu Hpare's life in the US, her life as a refugee in Thailand and images of the tragedy taking place in the eastern part of Burma explained by their protagonists; who we believe deserve to be supported, respected and understood.