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Touché: A Blind Fencer's Story

George Adams
George Adams

From the filmmaker who brought you the multi-award winning documentary Panic Nation and the associate producer of Torn from the Flag comes Touché: A Blind Fencer's Story.Touché is the French word for "touched" and is used by fencers to acknowledge a hit when struck by an opponent's blade.This new documentary is about a bright young woman who was diagnosed with a very rare disease that took her sight. After several surgeries and no change, she has come to accept the fact that she is now legally blind. Determined to keep her independence, she turned to the Carroll Center for the blind. She received training that provided her with the skills needed to live safely in her home and to navigate the busy city streets.As part of her vision rehabilitation she learned the sport of fencing... daunting for a sighted person yet the abilities needed are extremely important to a person without sight.Fencing, a sport requiring thick protective jackets, masks, gloves and uses weapons of swords and blades became this young woman's guardian angel.This is her story of overcoming obstacles, of taking on challenges of a life with impaired vision - a story of a blind fencer.