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Walk by Me

Lisa Leeman
Lisa Leeman, EP: Kimberly Reed, Co-Producer: Karen Hori
Two people walk side by side into the light, in a wooded area

Filmmaker Lisa Leeman and animation artist Gabi P. reconnect twenty-five years after Leeman profiled Payn’s gender transition in the 1990 documentary Metamorphosis (Sundance Filmmakers’ Trophy/ POV). Now middle-aged, the two artists rekindle a lapsed friendship as they reckon with the past and face uncertain futures. Filmed over five years as Gabi navigates a series of crossroads in her sixties, Walk by Me weaves past and present to explore aging, art and resiliency, faith, filmmaking, friendship, and the blurred boundaries in documentary filmmaking.

GREAT NEWS - We're honored that Creative Capital has included us in On Our Radar for 2020! We are raising funds to finish our edit! Thank you to all who are donating to help us finish the film this year.