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We Know Not What We Do

Elizabeth Baker
Aaron Taylor

History, Legend, Myth, and Story.....thus begins the independent documentary "We Know Not What We Do," a creative concoction that examines the most important challenge of our time: climate change. Our cameras have traveled the world to spotlight areas, both rural and urban, and lives, both adults and children, that are being sacrificed to our addiction for fossil fuels.In the making of the film, we've faced a particular challenge in as much as we are preparing this piece both for evangelical climate skeptics and for the general public. We have solved that challenge by seeking out people who are Christians as well as being an international scientist, or a conservationist, a brigadier general, or a Washington D.C. lobbyist, or a president and CEO of an evangelical environmental network, or a coal miner, or a rancher."We Know Not What We Do" is a story of redemption and forgiveness. As a love letter to our planet Earth, "We Know Not What We Do" will urge us all to give thoughts and prayers of gratitude for our homeland, and also to give thanks for this glorious opportunity to change our minds, and shift our priorities.