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Weed & Wine

  • Rebecca Richman Cohen, Director/Producer
  • Alysa Nahmais (executive producer), Producer
  • Lauriane Jussiau (executive producer), Producer
  • Graham Boyd (executive producer), Producer

scientific style drawing of a bunch of grapes with cannabis leaves on top of the bunch.

About the Project

Continents apart from one another, two farming families aim to reinvent themselves on their land. One family—a poised French matriarch and the son she raised among her vines—tends a centuries-old, biodynamic vineyard in the Southern Rhône. Across the ocean in Humboldt, California, another family—a brash father and his more reserved son—carefully manage a state-recognized, organic cannabis farm.

WEED & WINE interweaves their stories, urging comparisons between France’s revered winemaking traditions and the entrepreneurial culture emerging alongside the legal cannabis industry. The film observes tensions ebb and flow as one generation prepares to pass on the farm to the next. Two sets of artisans, separated by vast gulfs of culture, language and tradition, navigate a common challenge: how to bear the burdens of history—and of change—on their land.