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When the Bell Rings

Brad Bores
Brad Bores

When the Bell Rings is a documentary about David "Dino" Wells, a former boxer who makes a gutsy attempt to return to fighting. At 40, Wells quickly finds that his 15-year absence from the sport has left him in need of intense training, which he takes on with determination and grit. Feverishly exercising in order to lose weight, he's reminded that he's not young anymore. With great courage, he battles his own body, as well as skeptical coaches, brutal sparring partners, and ruthless promoters. But he's also tormented by memories of a fatherless childhood, which drive him to take on another challenge: reuniting with his estranged son. As Wells reenters the boy's life, he finds that parenting, like boxing, takes practice'"and that his greatest achievement might be outside the ring.