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Your Pain Was Born Here

Wilhelmina Simone
Wilhelmina Simone, Love Soulèy, Valleix 'Noble' Herard
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An African-American female looking at herself through the mirror.

"Your Pain Was Born Here" is a journey across five countries in Europe exploring the Black diaspora outside of the Black American identity. An interconnected story to bridge the communication gaps between the African American communities and the international Black diaspora through director Wilhelmina Simone. Sharing these parallels and connections allows for open and genuine dialogue between Black communities across the globe; expanding the perception of what Blackness is and can be.

We follow Wilhelmina through England, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Italy in her attempt to unify the Black narrative. The documentary explores the intersections of Black identity including womanhood, LGBTQ+, politics, and social relations through a non-linear story woven into a love letter to the greater community.