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Meet the latest cohort of 10 films receiving production grants. The Enterprise Fund supports feature-length documentary films telling urgent, revelatory stories underpinned by rigorous journalistic approaches and exemplary artistic achievement.
Los Angeles, CA (May 10, 2021) - The International Documentary Association (IDA) and XRM Media announced the launch of a new international fund to
This past year was challenging and full of despair. The names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and numerous others lost to police
Over three years ago, I wrote in this magazine about my entry into the documentary film industry, some funding strategies I'd employed, and key
Newly appointed IDA Funds and Enterprise Program Director Poh Si Teng is no stranger to challenges in nonfiction storytelling. From her childhood as
Many filmmakers have a certain anxiety about submitting their films to funders, and with the pandemic shaping our capacities and capabilities in the
Producers and funders will discuss how filmmakers can make business decisions that support values like creative independence, representation, sustainability, and authorship today, given the limited funding sources available to all.
In 2015, the Sundance Institute launched a new initiative to support “inventive artistic practice” in documentary called Art of Nonfiction. After
Following the questions posed by my former Multitude Films producing partner Lisa Valencia-Svensson in her essay “Who's Telling Whose Stories To Whom
Stanley Nelson and Marcia Smith are celebrating 20 years of building Firelight Media into a company that tells eloquent stories about Black people