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Before he made Cartel Land , director/cinematographer Matthew Heineman had never shot in a conflict zone. His work had focused mainly on US domestic
Cinematographers Joan Churchill, ASC ( Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer ), Kirsten Johnson ( CitizenFour ) and Buddy Squires, ASC ( The
For filmmakers, drone cameras are a tool with potential to shape the work—or even define it—with breathtaking footage from surprising physical
While the 22nd annual edition of Hot Docs , North America's largest documentary festival, screened over 200 films from April 23 to May 3 in Toronto
No other relationship is more central to the success of your project than the one with your cinematographer; yet, the skills, tools, and insights of
'E-Team' is screening in selected theaters and screening on Netflix.
"One night in 1997, I was watching a documentary about Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of television, on American Experience ," says David Strohmaier.
The bigger the image, the bigger the impact," says Robert Dennis. "Filmmakers have been experimenting with large format since the early days of
Returning from the 82nd Annual Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial in Gallup, New Mexico, in August 2002, with nine hours of DV-cam footage shot on my Sony
Any accidental tourists strolling through the lobby of Wyoming's Lake Lodge sometime during the last week of September might have thought they had