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Docs about Health

Editor’s Note: Filmmaker Jason DaSilva premieres his latest work, When We Walk, an IDA Pare Lorentz Doc Fund grantee, at the Hot Docs Canadian
What does it mean to die well in the 21st century, and how does it feel? End Game, from longtime collaborators Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (The
Autumn has passed into winter in the San Francisco Bay Area. We notice this when it starts raining, but also when loads of documentaries slow to a
After her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, Emmy Award-winning chef, author and magazine publisher Sandra Lee chose to invite cameras to her medical
In recognition of World AIDS Day on December 1, we've curated a list of documentaries that tell harrowing, honest and triumphant stories of
"Arthur Pratt. Everybody was telling me, if I was looking for a filmmaker in Sierra Leone, go meet with Arthur Pratt," says Banker White from his
For over 16 years, veteran producers Jedd and Todd Wider have proven their mettle in the documentary film community. Together, the brothers have
The importance of telling what's happening on the ground and relaying these visuals back to the people with the power to make a difference and fund
Four years ago, filmmaker Tomasz Śliwiński and his wife, Magda Hueckel, welcomed a baby boy, Leo, into their lives. The moment of joy quickly turned
In 40 short minutes, Aneta Kopacz's Oscar®-nominated short documentary Joanna invites us in, embraces us unconditionally, and reveals a brief portrait