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Doc U Recap: A Conversation with Joe Berlinger

By IDA Editorial Staff

"The media is owned by three people. A lot of stories aren’t covered. I think documentary makers are amongst the last bastion of independent reporting. It’s harder and harder to do what we do."
- Joe Berlinger

On Monday, October 17, documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Crude, Brother's Keeper, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster) met members of the documentary community at Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater to watch his most recent film, Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory. This three-part documentary series is unique to the genre - it revisits its subjects year down the road, turning from an objective view on a case to an advocacy-driven call to action.

IDA Board President Eddie Schmidt sat down with Joe to discuss the making of his recent film, the legal battle he experienced with Chevron over his film Crude, and his personal journey from a storyteller to a journalist to an activist.

A queue forms to hear from Joe Berlinger and watch his recent film, Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory.

IDA Executive Director Michael Lumpkin introduces IDA Board President Eddie Schmidt.

Joe Berlinger admitted it was bold to make three documentaries about the same subject.

Joe Berlinger explaining just how much money his case with Chevron cost him for his film Crude.

Members of the Doc U audience take pictures with and wait their turn to speak with Mr. Berlinger himself.

If Joe Berlinger didn't get to someone's question during the Q&A, there was plenty of time to chat at the reception.

Eddie, Joe, and Doc U attendees mix it up on the Cinefamily's back patio.

All photos ©2011 Humberto Mendes, IDA

Doc U is the International Documentary Association's series of educational seminars and workshops for aspiring and experienced documentary filmmakers. Taught by artists and industry experts, participants receive vital training and insight on various topics including: fundraising, distribution, licensing, marketing, and business tactics.

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