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IDA Seminar Recap

It is no secret that documentary filmmaking has a complicated legacy when it comes to supporting the survivors of gender-based violence. Even with the
The podcast space, even with hundreds of thousands of titles proliferating the market, is still emerging and evolving. Like documentary filmmaking
Just four days after the theatrical premiere of perhaps the most Gen X biodoc to ever grace the screens of your local multiplex, filmmaker Brett
From last year's GETTING REAL conference to Sundance's recent "Bringing Truths to Light" panel to the upcoming "Based on a True Story: The
As part of a new initiative to highlight critical issues in the documentary field and enhance filmmakers' professional development opportunities, IDA
It seems lately like nonfiction series are popping up left and right on cable networks. This boom reflects networks’ increased desire for original
What happens after you’ve finally finished that amazing film you worked on for years? You want to sell it, of course. You want to find a way to get it
Here is our all-inclusive crowdfunding tool kit to better help you navigate the maze of this rapidly growing fundraising strategy.
You have an idea for a great documentary. You've done your preliminary research and are almost ready to get going. But you still need funds to start
Veteran filmmaker Amanda Pope asks a panel of filmmakers about their experiences watching stories unfold in front of a camera.